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Here you can not only book your rental car. You will also receive travel information for more than 1,600 routes in Central and South America.

How to use cochera andina for planning your trip:

Select your country of destination on the left. On the map you will find car symbols that show which car you need for the tour. Green stands for a passenger car, a red symbol indicates that you require an off road vehicle. Upon clicking on the cars or the marked cities, you will learn more about the routes. This provides you with a reliable, step by step basis for planning your trip which helps you to select the right rental car.

The map material from Microsoft does not show every route so that individual symbols seem to be in the middle of "nowhere". Don't be confused: The marked routes exist! For planning your trip in details, use good and up to date map material.

trafficable by passenger car

all-terrain vehicle is suggested

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