Car rental agency cochera andina develops online planning tool for trips throughout Latin America


More than 1,600 detailed pieces of information regarding Central and South American road networks available at

The online car rental agency cochera andina offers independent travelers to Latin America a unique planning tool: over 1,600 pieces of information on road networks provides information on which rental car is best suited for which routes within seventeen Latin American countries. In addition to a recommendation on the most appropriate type of rental vehicle, the user also receives information about distances, travel times and road conditions. The free service is available in English, Spanish and German and was founded in cooperation with the publisher REISE KNOW-HOW.

Traveling independently through Central and South America with a car has increased in popularity over the last few years. Maps and travel guides, however, often do not elaborate on local road conditions. While many routes are paved, other routes consist merely of gravel or dirt roads which are either laborious or impossible to traverse with a normal passenger car, consequently requiring that significantly more time be budgeted into the travel itinerary. Without this knowledge, many are hesitant to explore the continent on their own initiative.

The newly established online rental car agency cochera andina uses the comprehensive station network of the AVIS car rental agency to rent vehicles in all Central and South American countries. The Hamburg company also fills the knowledge gap when planning independent travel with a car. The website graphically presents more than 1,600 routes in 17 countries using Microsoft maps. The maps of individual countries feature car symbols that indicate which vehicle is required for the respective route. A green symbol indicates that the route can be driven with a normal passenger car, yellow informs you that an off-road vehicle is recommended, and a red symbol warns you that an off-road vehicle is an absolute necessity.

cochera andina’s maps provide all the information needed on road conditions, estimated travel times and distances for each section of a particular route. Any peculiarities are mentioned in the explanation for each route. cochera andina makes this unique product available to all of its users free of charge.
Cooperation with REISE KNOW-HOW
In addition to its detailed information, cochera andina also provides general information on the subject of driving for every country in Latin America. The contents of the site were compiled in collaboration with the renowned independent travel publisher REISE KNOW-HOW Peter Rump and are updated on an ongoing basis. Moreover, cochera andina counts on its customers’ own experiences during their trip. Every month, those who send in current route information are entered into a lottery.

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