Uruguay, the second smallest country in South America with approximately 175,000 km2 can be easily traveled with a rental car. The network of roads is dense and in general well developed which allows you to quickly and independently plan your journey through the country.

For driving in Uruguay a valid driver’s licence from the country of residence is required. But to avoid discussions with the Police during routine checks it is better to take an international driver's license with you.
The traffic regulations generally correspond to the European standard, however you should not rely on other drivers complying with them. Especially in the cities, the right of way is often claimed with the help of the horn. In case of doubt, it is recommended not to insist on your right. If you drive rather defensively and avoid rush hour if possible, you will have a relaxed vacation with a rental car. It is compulsory to drive with your lights on during the day in Uruguay. However, other drivers may be on the road without lights and you should therefore be careful when driving at night.

The speed limit is Uruguay is 50 km/h in the cities, 90 km/h outside the cities and 110 km/h on several developed routes. The network of gasoline stations is dense.

Which rental car is the right one?

Most of the streets in Uruguay are paved and in very good condition. Side streets, for example to the ocean, can also be gravel or dirt roads. You will find the necessary information concerning road conditions, estimated travel times and distances for every trip on the maps from Use this information when planning your trip in Latin America.