Paraguay is one of the two landlocked countries of Latin America and is approximately 400,000 km2 in size. The Rio Paraguay divides the country in two very different areas: the densely populated east with all the large cities of the country as well as the Chaco in the west, an almost unpopulated plain. Accordingly different are the infrastructure and the road conditions. A rental car offers the possibility to independently travel this diverse country.

An international driver's license is required to be able to drive in the country. The traffic regulations generally correspond to the European standard, are however also freely interpreted: many of the vehicles on the road are also in poor technical condition - always be alert when driving. Especially pay attention to the potholes. 

The speed limits in Paraguay vary depending on street conditions and traffic volume. The network of gasoline stations outside the large cities is rather poor - it is therefore recommended to fill the tank regularly and to take a reserve canister along when traveling to the Chaco. 

Which rental car is the right one?

Not all rental cars are suitable for all routes in Paraguay. Although many streets in the east of the country are paved and in very good condition, there are mainly gravel and dirt roads in the other parts of the country for which an off-road vehicle is recommended. For this reason, you will find the necessary information concerning road conditions, estimated travel times and distances for every trip on the maps from If an off-road vehicle is absolutely necessary, this is clearly indicated on the section of the map. Use this information when planning your trip in Latin America.