El Salvador

El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America, can easily be traveled with a rental car. This allows you to reach those destinations quickly and without complications that are difficult to reach by public transportation. The center of this highly dense network of roads is the capital, San Salvador. The famous Panamericana runs from west to east through the country. The network of roads is also well developed beyond the main area, whereby side roads on the coast or in the mountains are often not paved. Watch out for potholes in the main streets.

An international driver's license is required to be able to drive in the country. The traffic regulations generally correspond to the international standard, are however not always strictly enforced. Since El Salvador is densely populated, the traffic in the larger cities is rather high. You should drive defensively but feel free to use your horn. Note: one-way streets are often poorly signposted. When driving outside the city at night, you must expect non-illuminated drivers - drive especially careful.

The speed limit in El Salvador is 50 km/h in the cities, 80 km/h outside the cities. The number of traffic checks has significantly increased over the past years. The network of gasoline stations in El Salvador is dense. 

Which rental car is the right one?

Not all rental cars are suitable for all routes in El Salvador. Many roads are paved and are in very good condition, but there are also gravel and dirt roads for which we recommend an off-road vehicle. This especially applies for the rainy season from May to October. For this reason, you will find the necessary information concerning road conditions, estimated travel times and distances for every trip on the maps from If an off-road vehicle is absolutely necessary, this is clearly indicated on the section of the map. Use this information when planning your trip in Latin America.